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Off Road Vehicle Insurance

Off Road Vehicle Insurance Coverage

Outdoor adventures are best suited for unpaved passages especially if you are protected by Off Road Vehicle Insurance. Some of the best experiences in life know no boundaries., but where there lies adventure, danger is never far behind. So before you jump into uncharted territory, make the responsible decision to protect yourself and your big boy (or girl) toys.

Off Road Vehicle Insurance will help cover your:

  • dirt bike
  • snowmobile
  • dune buggy
  • golf cart
  • all terrain vehicle (ATV)
  • utility vehicle (UTV)

Don’t make the popular mistake and assume your auto insurance policy will cover your off-road vehicles from unforeseen incidents.

Gain peace of mind in knowing that your Off Road Vehicle Insurance Policy will cover:

  • Bodily Injury Liability- if someone else gets hurt and needs medical attention
  • Property Damage Liability- covers damages of your own fault
  • Collision Coverage- recreational vehicle repairs
  • Comprehensive Coverage- repairs for damage from flooding, wind, vandalism, theft, or other reasons that do not involve a collision

Before you participate in extreme adventures, put your mind at ease by getting protection. Our agents will assist you in finding the right coverage at a great rate.

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