A Tree Fell on Both of My Vehicles on the Auto Policy; Do I Have to Pay a Separate Deductible for Each?

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One Accident and Two of your vehicles. Do you pay a Separate Deductible?

Trees fall all the time. If one were to fall across both of your vehicles, it is not only bad luck, but expensive. If both of your vehicles are damaged and they are on a single auto policy, you may wonder whether you have to pay both deductibles or not.

Most insurance companies are going to look at the damage to each vehicle as opposed to the individual incident. This means that they are going to look at the first vehicle on the policy, assess the damage, and charge the deductible, and then do the same for the other. While this is going to be expensive because of having to pay deductibles on each vehicle, it is ultimately going to allow you to have both vehicles repaired.

On your auto insurance policy, each vehicle has its own level of coverage. There may be a difference in deductibles on each vehicle as well as different levels of coverage. For example, one of your vehicles may be leased, and the other one may be paid for. This means that you may need to maintain higher levels of coverage on the vehicle that is being leased.

When a tree falls on your vehicle, it is considered a comprehensive auto insurance claim as opposed to a collision claim because you were not operating the vehicle at the time. This also means that you need to have comprehensive insurance coverage on both of the vehicles in order for the insurance company to process a claim.

The deductible is paid for a vehicle and that allows the vehicle to then get repaired. Depending upon how much money you have, you may want to pay the deductible on one vehicle first and get it repaired, and then go ahead and do the same for the second one. There are all sorts of different options, but ultimately it comes down to each vehicle being treated separately and therefore you will have to pay the deductible for each of your vehicles as opposed to paying a single deductible.

For additional details on how deductibles work within your auto policy, you will want to talk to a claim specialist so that you can ask any questions that you may have and understand the process in greater detail.