Safe Driving Tips

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Whether you’re a new driver or an old pro, it never hurts to have a little refresher on safe driving tips. You may have great auto insurance, but you still need to drive safe. Here are just a few things to keep in mind when you’re behind the wheel.

It’s important to be alert. You need to be able to react quickly when you’re driving, and your reaction times are slower when you’re tired. Do your best to avoid driving when you’re overly tired. And be aware that some medications can cause drowsiness, making operating a vehicle very dangerous.

In many places, using a cell phone while driving is against the law. Using a hands-free device may be legal, but even when your hands are on the wheel, you may be mentally distracted. Talking on your cell phone can be dangerous, even if it’s within the law. Checking your emails or composing a text while driving are also habits you should break. If you’re not looking at the road, even for a second, you’re taking a big risk.

Accidents often happen as a result of a car changing lanes too quickly. Always use caution when changing lanes. If you change lanes suddenly or fail to use your signals, you could cause an accident. At the very least, you will probably frustrate other drivers.

Consider the weather. If you know the road conditions are bad as a result of snow, ice, or heavy rain, rethink your trip. Of course, sometimes you don’t really have a choice when you need to get to work or school, but your errands can often wait until another day.

And remember to be conscious of other drivers. It’s not just about what you’re doing. Sometimes you can predict what other drivers might be about to do. If you’re in another car’s blind spot, try to get out of it. You can avoid accidents by being aware of your surroundings.