Top 5 Myths about Car Insurance

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There are a lot of myths about car insurance that simply aren’t true. When you understand more about your automobile insurance policy and how the price is actually achieved, you will be able to make adjustments – and forget about what the myths are saying.

Red Cars are More Expensive

The color of your car does not matter when it comes to buying auto insurance. While red cars are associated with speed, there are plenty of other colors on cars that get tickets, too. Buy the color car you want as it won’t affect insurance premiums.

Old Cars Aren’t Worthy of Being Stolen

Many people will buy an old car thinking it will be a deterrent against crime. This is completely inaccurate and sometimes it is the older cars that are being targeted because they are easier to break into than the new ones with all of their computer components.

Credit scores don’t count.

Some states will allow a credit score to be factored into a car insurance quote. This means that if you have poor credit, it’s going to affect how much you pay to insure your car.

Your car is covered against everything.

Comprehensive insurance is an optional level of coverage that you can choose to get. This is the coverage that includes all of the non-accident related things such as hail damage, vandalization, and more. If you want this level of coverage, you need to talk to your insurance company because it’s not an automatic coverage.

Personal property is covered.

If you get rear-ended and your expensive after-market stereo is damaged, it’s not included within your policy and therefore you cannot include it within your claim. However, some items like a laptop, may be able to be claimed through your homeowner’s policy if they are stolen from your car.

With so many myths out there, it’s best not to make assumptions about anything. Take the time to call your auto insurance company and find out what is and isn’t covered so you can add some coverage if necessary.